Friday, November 7, 2008

Life Support... or Life Long Support?

I believe in life support... it is a great thing! It has helped thousands of people survive life threatening injuries. BUT... (There's that perverbial "But" word we all love at the end of a sentence!) When does life support become a burden? We all hope our loved ones have a quick recovery, but what happens when it's not? What if the person is in a "vegatative" state with doctors saying there's no hope of recovery... no brain waves, no movement? What do we do then? Do we keep our hopes alive and pray the doctors are wrong? I'm sure most do... for a little while anyway. After sometime, we have to ask ourselves... "How long do we wait? How much financial support can we afford?" As painful as it is, we have to put into perspective the quality of life issue for the injured person and look at our own financial means of support as well. It's a powder keg issue that sometimes tears families apart.

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